Booty Pop Review: Does It Really Work?

Want a booty like J. Lo’s? If you’re not genetically gifted like Jenny from the block, there’s still hope for you without the need for surgery. Here, you’ll find the truth about Bootypop, whether or not this new trend can actually accentuate your features and increase your confidence, and if it is the ultimate product for enhancing your butt. Details on where you can get the best deal is also available below should you decide to try it.

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What is Booty Pop?

Designed to help you get the look you desire without going under the knife, this product is apparently the safest option for improving butt size and shape. With the increasing number of women who opt for butt implant, college friends and self-made entrepreneurs Susan Bloomstone who was a former PBS TV producer, and Lisa Reisler who was a former Fashion Director – created this safer, more fashion-conscious alternative to showcase the backside.

Padded Panties In the Mainstream

Throughout the music, fashion and movie industries women have embraced the well rounded and well defined buttocks.  Women want to be like their favorite celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and others. With the availability of this safer alternative, the Booty Pop has become a popular subject in the media. It has been featured in shows like Live with Regis and Kelly, Conan O’Brien Jay Leno, and others.  This brand of padded panties has also been praised by The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeryas an alternative to surgical procedure.

This product is available online at many different retailers which takes away any embarrassment women may have in purchasing these undergarments in person.  There are multiple shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from. You simply pick according to your body type and other preferences and wait to receive the product at the privacy of your own home.

How Does It Work?

Just as the padded bra enhances the bust line, this padded underwear enhances your behind. It provides you a molded fitted look, and accentuates your buttocks in jeans, pants, or a dress.  Its permanent padding gives a lift to the buttocks to present a larger, more well defined posterior. Its non-removal pads stay perfectly in place all the time so you can be confident that your butt looks natural whatever you are doing.

This brand of underwear uses a lightweight, seamless foam fabric that is formed to enhance the size and shape of your buttocks. Made from 95% natural cotton and 5% spandex, the panties supposedly provide perfect comfort and fit. The design does not only intend to make it look natural but feel natural as well.


  • Safe and easy. You no longer need to opt for surgery just to get the look you desire. There is no need to apply butt-enhancing creams either. To get bigger buttocks, all you have to do is wear it like you normally wear regular panties. Simple, easy, safe, and instant makeover without side effects.
  • Cost. Needless to say the price is nothing compared to implant surgery. You can even take advantage of special offers from the official website which allows you savings.
  • Natural look and feel. Built with non-removal pads that always stay in place so you can always feel confident that it looks natural. Design and materials are also high quality to give that more natural feel.


  • Not suitable for all occasions. It’s great with jeans and other types of clothing but not for clothes made of flimsy or lightweight materials. Users don’t feel it gives the natural look and feel when worn with other types of clothing. Refer to real user reviews to find out more.
  • Not a permanent solution. Obviously your butt goes back to its normal shape and size when you don’t wear the product. It’s not for those looking for permanent solution or those who want to show off their butts wearing bikinis.

Real User Reviews

Here are a few excerpts taken from other Booty Pop reviews to give you idea what other women who have actually tried the product have to say about it.

Wearing it only with jeans…

Does It Really Work?

If the amount of celebrities who have tried it and swear by its function is any indication, there is no doubt this padded underwear is the way to go. By simply wearing a pair of panties that are specifically padded, your buttocks will look bigger, firmer, and sexier in most outfits.  In the culture of plastic surgery, the choice is yours but it is obviously the safer bet. However, if we are to consider real user experiences, this underwear is better worn with jeans.

The Best Place To Buy It

Nowhere else can you get the best available deal on this brand of padded undies but from its official website where you can guarantee that your purchase is safe and confidential. You can also guarantee that your order is genuine. Be cautious of other sources as there lots of scammers prowling on the web. Additionally, the official site is currently running a special offer where you can save $8. The Classic Black and Creme Caramel are on sale for a limited time.

Click Here to Get the Booty Pop and Take Advantage of the Limited Time Offer from the Safe and Official Website


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